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Monday, May 13 

Seminar 12.00-5.00 PM  

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Pre-event welcome drinks

Monday, May 13

5.00-6.30 PM

Join us for an informal welcome reception at The Westin, Copley Place Hotel

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Main Event Days

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Tuesday May 14

7:30 AM-12.00 PM
TECH LEADERS Morning Briefing
By invitation-only
Closed-door, personalized briefing for technology sourcing leaders 
7:45 AM
Registration & coffee

Pick up your badge and join your peers for a coffee and a chat prior to kick-off!

8.55 AM
Welcome to FORGE: Technology Sourcing

Welcome to FORGE: Technology Sourcing 2024 - let’s get started!

9:00 AM
Choice of morning peer groups

Choose one of the interactive working groups to kick start your collaboration and learning. Be sure to fuel up on caffeine and come brimming with ideas!

9:00 AM
peer groups

PEER GROUP A - Optimizing the procurement/finance relationship


Jesse Russell, Head of Purchasing, North America & APAC, Vertice


PEER GROUP BDrafting & negotiating AI contracts 

Artificial intelligence contracts raise new concerns, as well as familiar ones. They're software agreements and so call for terms many software contract managers and lawyers know well. But certain AI systems raise unique issues, particularly generative AI and other forms of machine learning (ML). This session will look at those issues and explain the new terms they require.


David Tollen, Founder, Tech Contracts Academy

PEER GROUP C - Optimizing your Oracle & Java investment: A collaborative IT/Procurement approach to maximize value beyond price 

In today's technology landscape, securing the best value, not just the lowest price, is crucial for enterprise software like Oracle. This session, hosted by Palisade Compliance, brings together IT and Procurement leaders to share their insights and strategies for achieving this critical goal.

Through real-world case studies, you'll gain valuable insights into:

  • Collaborative strategies: Discover how IT and Procurement can effectively partner to optimize negotiations across contracts, pricing, and audits.
  • Expert guidance on Oracle licensing: Navigate the evolving licensing landscape and its impact on your organization.
  • Proven approaches to maximizing value: Learn from the experiences of IT and Procurement executives who have successfully secured optimal terms with Oracle.

Join us and gain the knowledge and tools to unlock the full potential of your Oracle investment, ensuring it aligns with your business objectives and delivers lasting value.


Craig Guarente, CEO & Founder, Palisade Compliance 

Palisade Compliance

10:00 AM

Head to your next peer group discussion

10:10 AM
peer groups

PEER GROUP DWhen & how to work with Legal on contracts  

What should you be asking legal counsel for advice on and when to bring them into the conversation.


Sarah Alexander, Senior Legal Counsel, Corporate & Governance, HOOPP (Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan)

PEER GROUP ELet's talk spend!

Whether you are new to technology procurement or an experienced team leader, Spend Matters! Tech Sourcing Leader, Jamie Martino will moderate a dynamic discussion around best practices and trends in taxonomy. The panel will help you tackle questions such as: How do I calculate Spend Under Management? Which are the fastest growing Taxonomies within the Tech Investment Portfolio?  How do I organize my team around my spend? The panel will provide data on trends in spend and discuss how they tackle their spend portfolio.



Jamie Martino, SVP Strategic Sourcing, IT Diversity

Pierre Mitchell, CRO, Spend Matters 

PEER GROUP F - Tips and tricks to use when negotiating with mega vendors

  • Mitigating risk; managing True-Ups, reservations, changes in licensing

  • Renegotiations and contracting skills in action

  • How to approach contract renewals

  • Securing price protection long-term


Soumitra Rathod, Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management, EisnerAmper

PEER GROUP G - Impact of AI

AI technologies are transforming industries at a faster rate than any other prior technology. Starting with a guided discussion on the major areas impacting the procurement and supply management organizations, then explore how to remove obstacles in your AI journey. There will be ample time to address questions that are top of mind.


Melissa Drew, Data and Digital Transformation Executive (formerly IBM)

11:10 AM
morning coffee

Grab a well-earned coffee and meet our awesome sponsors and partners in the Expo Hall

11:50 AM
performance & Chair's introduction

Join us for an exciting stage performance guaranteed to perk you up and get your juices flowing!

Followed by a welcome from the Conference Chair and overview of what's coming up over the next 1.5 days.

12:10 PM
Futurist & Economist

The biggest trends, risks, and opportunities for procurement in the years ahead

Join top-ranked economist and financial futurist Jason Schenker for this timely discussion of critical risks and opportunities facing procurement organizations, functions, and executives. Topics for this talk will include the economic outlook, financial market dynamics, labor market data, supply chain disruptions, inflation and Interest rates, capital expenditure expectations, bond yields, energy prices, Cold War Two, and more. Jason has been ranked the #1 forecaster in the world in 26 different categories by Bloomberg since 2011.

Jason Schenker, Chairman, President & Author, The Futurist Institute / Prestige Economics

1:10 PM

Lunch break & Expo

Join all the attendees in the Expo area for lunch & networking. Hit the supplier booths to find out how they can support your goals and objectives.   

1:10 - 2:10 PM
private LUNCH
By invitation-only

Sponsored by:

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2:10 PM
Plenary Session

AI & Gen AI – what it is and the business applicable places to use it!

  • What exactly does a procurement person need to know?

  • How will it drive up my overall capability and efficiency?

  • Full exposure of risks in AI

  • How is it going to affect my job?

  • How to use AI and digital to augment the procurement team and not lose critical skills

2:40 PM
Plenary Session

Expanding influence & collaboration with key stakeholders

Join this fire-side discussion and unveil usable strategies which can drive greater collaboration and relationships with key stakeholders including Legal, Finance, IT. Hear how procurement can transform its approach to working with the business to drive greater results.

Bart Bartolai, Head of Procurement and Real Estate, Grubhub

Dr. Charlotte Anabelle de Brabandt, Digital Futurist & Head of IT Governance US, ZF Group 

2:40 PM
IT Pros track
The outsourcing tech marketplace

For IT professionals

Knowing when to go to an outsourcing company and what options exist is critical to making the right business decisions, if you procure through an MSP this session is not for you! Discussion will examine the market and dive into when you should / or shouldn't be using an outsourcing company for your tech purchasing requirements.

3:10 PM

Grab a coffee and hit the Expo 

3:30 PM
Plenary Session

Persuasive storytelling

This unique insight from Mark Raffan on improving your ability to ‘speak’ to the business and get deeper embedded in the narrative is unparalleled and not to be missed!

Mark Raffan, Founder, Negotiations Ninja

3:30 PM
People vs. Tech

For IT professionals

Have you asked the question on whether to hire talent or buy in the technology to your organization? When you don't have a procurement department, what software can you use to best advantage? What makes sense for you? This session will assess software that can move your organization forwards and discuss moving away from VARs.

4:00 PM
Head to your next session
4:05 PM

Breakouts run concurrently. Choose one of the following topics and join a moderator-led, interactive discussion:

1. Telecommunications: From 5G to VaaS, Remote Corporations, Data Networking and more

2. Hardware: Desktops to Data Centers, Edge Computing. Buying New versus Grey Market gear

3. Software: Licensing renewals, audits & compliance. Supplier feedback and sentiment



Richard Hesse, Manager of Technology Sourcing & Procurement, Inspire Brands


Matthew Hamilton, Sr. Manager, Indirect Procurement, Ferrara Candy Company


4. Cloud Services: Lowering Cloud costs, hybrid environments, and multi-provider scenarios


Janet Maniscalco, Director, Global Procurement Technology, RELX

Jamie Martino, SVP, Strategic Sourcing, IT Diversity 

Craig Smith, Sr. Director of Procurement, DHI Group

5. Data: making sense of your corporate data needs. What you know, don't know, and need to know!


Syed Naqvi, Independent Procurement Analytics & Data Strategy Consultant

4:05 PM
The Procurement High 5!

For IT professionals

What can IT learn from procurement? Procurement specializes in negotiation, contract management and if you don't have a procurement person/department, knowing some of the tips and tricks procurement use can only better enable your organization. Jump into this session with Rob and hear the 5 key elements to contracting which procurement use.

Robert Nichol, Sourcing Procurement Manager, Automation Anywhere

4:50 PM
lone wolves group
Private seminar

Join your tribe and benefit from collective wolfpack wisdom - best practices for smaller procurement teams.

Freya Hurwitz,  Director of Procurement, TripAdvisor

Edward Petrush, Sr Director, Global Procurement, Dynatrace

Em Kushvaliev, Sr Procurement Director, Brightcove

4:50 PM
Plenary Session - Conflict Management with Shami Anand

Mastering the Art of Conflict Management

Conflict is a natural part of any workplace. As customer solutions become increasingly more complex, collaboration amongst teams and key stakeholder groups is paramount. Participants will learn how to design strategies that minimize dysfunctional conflict, maximize constructive conflict…and work effectively for both men and women. 

Don't miss this closing address by Shami - a seasoned Executive with over 30-years experience developing, transforming, and leading high performing global teams in Procurement, Supply Chain, and Accounting.

Shami Anand, Certified Leadership Coach & Strategist

5:20 PM
wrap-up of day one

Chair's summation of key learnings and take-aways from the day.

5:30 PM
DRINKS in the expo

Join your peers for informal drinks and digest the best content of the day.


Wednesday May 15

7:30 AM
welcome coffee

Join your peers for a coffee and a chat prior to Day 2 kick-off!

8:30 AM
Welcome to day 2

Welcome to FORGE: Technology Sourcing Day 2!

Recap of Day 1 and what's coming on Day 2.

8:40 AM
Vendor spotlight
Plenary Session

Vendor onboarding & risk management at 20,000FT

  • What issues are we looking to solve right now?

Cheryl Katz, Head of VMO & Chief of Staff, Synovus Financial 

9:10 AM
Plenary Panel

How to maintain leverage without growth 

Lori Wensley, AVP, Global Procurement/ IT Category Strategy & Sourcing, Cognizant

Janet Maniscalco, Director Global Procurement Technology, RELX Group

9:40 AM
investor insight
Plenary Session

Investor's inside view

10:00 AM
take a break
Hop into the Expo and catch up with the solution providers
10:30 AM

Program splits into two tracks:

"BUY-TECH" PROGRAM The tech you need to operate your procurement organizations most effectively

ENTERPRISE TECH PROGRAM What and how you buy for the wider enterprise


10:30 AM

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage

Procurement orchestration

Nick Heinzmann, Head of Research, Zip


10:30 AM


Global technology strategic sourcing

How well is technology understood to source it on a strategic level within your business? Do we have a big enough understanding of our infrastructure to purchase appropriately? Join the panel to gain insights into how peers have developed into true global strategic sourcing operations. Also to be discussed: technology sourcing even in 1 major global region can cause the best organizations to lose sleep at night. In this session, we will get insights into how technology-sourcing organizations operate successfully on a global scale.


11:00 AM

5 minutes to get to your next session!

11:05 AM

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage 

Case study on deploying an end-to-end procurement analytics program to maximize speed and agility of your data 

  • Mapping out the entire procurement analytics and building the architecture around this, including governance, oversight

  • The talent deployed within our Centre of Excellence

  • Use cases; category specific 

Syed Naqvi, Independent Procurement Analytics & Data Strategy Consultant

11:05 aM


Mastering change with ALICE: a transformative approach to change management

Discover the ALICE methodology – a set of leadership principles. By understanding and implementing these principles, leaders can navigate change seamlessly, authentically communicate expectations, build supportive communities and effectively engage influencers to ensure successful change adoption. Whether you're navigating technological shifts or organizational reforms, this session is a roadmap to transformative leadership.

Amanda Prochaska, Chief Wonder Officer, Wonder Services

11:35 AM
11:40 AM

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage

Intake vs. Orchestration vs. P2P – where do you stand?

Alan Bossano, Director of IT Strategic Sourcing, Kaiser Permanente

Host: Eric Edwards, IT Sourcing Director, Vizient 

11:40 aM


SaaS contracts- negotiation tips and tales from the trenches

As SaaS spend continues to grow and the software landscape becomes more complex, it is more important than ever for technology sourcing professionals be planful with their SaaS negotiations and management. How do we keep up with the changes in sales strategies?  Join this session for negotiation tips and real-life examples to help you avoid pitfalls. 

CJ Anderson, Sr Manager, Indirect Sourcing, Sleep Number

12:10 PM

Lunch break & Expo 

Join all the attendees in the supplier Expo for lunch & networking. This is your last chance to make those vital connections and follow-ups with the conference sponsors.

1:00 PM

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage 

Procurement’s role in Cyber Security

The complexity around cyber security, compliance, governance and oversight and the role which falls to procurement on this is of increasing importance.

Aashish Patel, Global Director, Procurement - Risk management, operations and projects, Grant Thornton

1:00 PM


Contracting for agile development

Chris Talbot, VP Technology Sourcing, Worldpay

1:30 PM

Hop to the next session!

1:35 PM
team skills

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage 

Designing a skill-based team to ensure better alignment with business partners (Sourcing, Vendor Management, Procurement Operations)

  • How do you make sure your team understands tech from a business perspective, has the right knowledge for the business unit?

  • Are you giving/getting enough exposure to suppliers and stakeholders?

  • What current and future skills need enhancing?

  • How augment difference between what only computers and what only humans can do? How to maintain your talent pipeline

Nicole Panzovski, Technology Sourcing Manager, Corporate Software, Netflix

Danielle Salyers, 2nd Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, Allied Solutions

1:35 PM


Is Software Asset Management now a procurement issue? 

  • How to eliminate waste in software usage. What is the answer?

David Johnson, Senior Director Global Sourcing - Software Category Transformation, News Corp

Jeremy Parkin, Director of Procurement, LastPass

Craig Smith, Sr. Director of Procurement, DHI Group

2:05 PM
2:10 PM
Generative AI

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage

Beyond the hype!
Use case of Chat GPT model
and lessons learned!

Hop into this session and hear directly from Ed Mills as he talks us through the University’s use case of the ChatGPT model for its own internal purposes; from demo and launch to working example and lessons learned!

Ed Mills, CPO, University of California

2:10 PM


Negotiation strategy

  • Best practice in renewals / contract management & negotiation

  • How are you renegotiating?

2:40 PM
Coffee break

Quick refuel for the final sessions!

3:00 PM
category deep dives
Informal discussions

Sessions run concurrently. Choose to join one moderator led interactive discussion on one of the following categories:

A.    Navigating the waters of MarTech. Digital

        marketing – copyright infringement 

B.    HR Tech / Human Capital / Transient Labor

C.    Facilities Tech

D.    FinTech

E.    Professional Services

3:40 PM
Event Close
Thanks for coming!

Close of FORGE: Technology Sourcing & Prize Draw 

Reassemble for a wrap up of Tech Sourcing 2024 from the Conference Chair & Mike Cadieux 


If you would like to get involved in this event, please contact us.


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