MONDAY, MAY 13, 2024, 12.00-5.OO PM ET



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Why should you attend?

This 4.5 hour session was created by women for women. It is a seminar dedicated to addressing topics which are front of mind for women, right now. Participants will learn proven practices to elevate their own career while networking with peers to learn tips, tricks and lessons learned along the way. Speakers will share approaches to removing barriers and outline steps required to achieve whatever your goals.Be ready to be inspired, energized, and gain knowledge to strengthen both your personal and professional development - key ingredients to setting yourself up for success.

Strategic Capacity for Strategic Relationships (M&A)
Collaboration stands as a cornerstone of success in today's interconnected and competitive business landscape. Strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in shaping an organization's capabilities and serve as powerful catalysts for accelerated growth. Learn how to leverage intentional relationships to identify fast-track opportunities within the organization. 


Elevating Women in Procurement
As we explored in our inaugural Women in Procurement event in April 2023, women are significantly under-represented in the Procurement profession. There are many reasons for this dynamic, but it is up to us to change the narrative. The world needs more women leaders, period; especially in Procurement. This is an exploration of why some women rise to the top and what we all can do to elevate ourselves and other women in Procurement.

Procurement Intelligence
It is not about 'what we buy' and 'who we buy it from'. In the modern procurement organization, the focus is 'how we buy', 'when we buy', and 'why we buy'. How do you ensure you have the right data, at the right time, when it has the most impact in the procurement organization? Bridging the gap between the procurement and data organizations continues to be difficult. Explore real-world examples of how to build that bridge and what it looks like when done well. 


What can you expect?


  • Support, collaboration, and inspiration
  • Leadership techniques for personal and professional growth
  • Forge new and lasting connections outside of your own organization
  • Breakout sessions to dive deeper into topics
  • Dedicated time for networking
  • Cross pollination of ideas and lessons learned
  • Private networking over informal drinks to continue the conversations


Melissa Drew
Data and Digital Transformation Executive (formerly IBM)
Katie Smith
Center of Excellence
University of California Office of The President