MONDAY, MAY 13, 2024, 12.00-5.OO PM ET



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Why should you attend?

This five-hour session has been created to address topics to help elevate your personal and professional development. Participants will learn from peers and industry leaders on key issues, exploring past experiences / lessons learned and impacting tips and strategies which can be immediately leveraged. With optimal networking opportunities, you will build friendships and long-lasting relationships which will help you as you continue through your career.

Get ready to be energized and inspired! Walk away with the knowledge and key ingredients needed to set yourself up for future success!

Communicating in the modern world of technology

Technologies continue to disrupt our personal and professional lives. The modern digital age has created new challenges in how we communicate with each other. Learn down-to-earth communication strategies with a contemporary twist and sprinkled with humor along the way. Walk away with techniques you can immediately use today.

Emotional Intelligence for the future

Otherwise known as the emotional quotient (EQ), it is the ability to understand, use, and manage one's emotions positively to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. With AI technologies becoming more embedded in everyday activities, the techniques used in the past to effectively manage stress may provide a different level of value in the future. 

Navigating leadership barriers & executing like a pro

The professional path is never straight. Over the past decade, it has developed many more curves and corners that make getting lost easily. Having a guide is often helpful when there is no map. This fireside chat will discuss lessons learned from your peers who have traveled the path before. At each stop along the way, learn tips to execute like a pro to move forward to the next level. 

The impact of AI, ethics and contracts

AI is here. Its impact continues to grow, and how we interact with AI Technologies will change and evolve. As procurement leaders, this series of conversations will discuss the ethical and responsible use of data and how AI technologies should be accounted for in our legal contracts. Finally, additional discussions will outline how to prioritize use cases when considering the use of Generative AI.



Julienne Ryan
Author, Narrative Storyteller & Facilitator


Laura Miller
Director of Ethics - Integrity and Technology
Shadowing AI


Monique Mardinian
CEO & Founder
Encore Corporate Travel

Derinda Gaumond-headshot-round

Derinda Gaumond
Former VP Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Michelle Vita

Michelle Vita
Sr Director, Procurement & Strategic Sourcing


Rose Punkunus
Founder & CEO

What can you expect?


  • Support, collaboration, and inspiration
  • Leadership techniques for personal and professional growth
  • Forge new and lasting connections outside of your own organization
  • Breakout sessions to dive deeper into topics
  • Dedicated time for networking
  • Cross pollination of ideas and lessons learned
  • Private networking over informal drinks to continue the conversations


Melissa Drew
Data and Digital Transformation Executive (formerly IBM)
Katie Smith
Center of Excellence
University of California Office of The President