Tech Sourcing 2023 Agenda



Women in Procurement Network 

Sunday April 30

Seminar 4.00-8.00 PM 

Limited availability.


Pre-event welcome drinks

Sunday April 30

5.00-6.30 PM

Join us for an informal welcome reception in 909 North (Bar) at The Westin Hotel, courtesy of:

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Main Conference Days



Monday May 1

Keynotes, Panels, Track 1 & Track 2 Programming

7:30 AM
Registration & coffee

Pick up your badge and join your peers for a coffee and a chat prior to kick-off!

8.30 AM

Chair’s welcome to FORGE: Technology Sourcing Community Gathering 2023 - let’s get started!

  • Chair's welcome and event overview: 
    Melissa Drew, Associate Partner, Finance & Supply Chain Transformation, IBM
  • Welcome from Mike Cadieux, CEO & Founder, Procurement Foundry 
8:40 AM
Tech Supply Chain Spotlight
Plenary Panel Session

Global technology supply chain woes

From chip components to fully assembled systems, global labor issues, packaging and logistics issues, and more are making it more and more difficult to get the tech we need to keep our companies ahead of the competition.  Topics to be discussed include:

  • Macro & micro trends of Tech Supply Chains 
  • Supply Chain shortages & delayed shipping
  • Lingering global conflicts
  • Nearshoring of Manufacturing
  • Increased demands with emerging tech  

Mike Owens, CPO, NetApp

Tracy Ring, MD, Applied Intelligence Products Category Group, Accenture

Mark Elgersma, Director of Strategic Sourcing, Target

Host: Mike Cadieux, CEO, Procurement Foundry

9:20 AM
Plenary Session with Michael Pülmanns

Crisis management and negotiation

  • “When disengagement is not an option”
    • Short depiction about negotiating with kidnappers
  • Best practice session about “preparing the table” and “at the table”
    • Experience of ~200 coaching sessions of negotiation cross industry teams in 2022
    • Most frequent deal preventers: unclear goals, unrealistic asks, and disproportional concessions

Michael Pülmanns, Managing Director, SmartRiskSolutions

Michael worked for 18 years for a German federal security agency with operations in ranging from Latin America, Eastern Europe, and high-risk countries in the Middle East. Since 2012, Michael provides risk, security, and crisis management consultancy services and trainings to national and international clients. He specializes in crisis negotiations, crisis management and kidnap response. As part of a global team of kidnap response consultants, Michael provides advisory and operational support to corporations or organizations facing threats or crises from criminals or terrorist groups. As board member Michael supported the EU project for virtual crisis management of terror attacks against critical infrastructure. Michael globally delivered numerous bespoke crisis negotiation workshops and negotiation coaching sessions to procurement teams and C-Level executives of different industries, regions, and cultures. Michael currently leads a team supporting clients in the Ukraine.

9:50 AM
data driven
Plenary Session

Sustainable, agile, data-driven procurement

And how to make this happen in practice.


Sammeli Sammalkorpi, CEO & Co-founder, Sievo

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10:20 AM
Take a Break

Grab a coffee & hit the Expo

10:50 AM
Plenary Session

Enough with the tech, let’s talk about digital skills

The digital space is changing by the day. It seems like every day there is some brand new technological breakthrough (and corresponding hype). Whether we are buying or using digital solutions we as practitioners need to understand and stay on top of these trends. This session will focus on the skills necessary to operate in Information Age.

Dr. Elouise Epstein, Partner, Kearney

11:20 AM
data & insights
Plenary Panel Session

Aligning teams with data and insights

People are essential to software procurement processes, but the stress of aligning stakeholders across the business for constant purchases and renewals is exhausting. The right data and insights make it easier to collaborate and get to decisions faster.
•    Points of friction in renewals and purchases
•    Information needed by different stakeholders
•    Opportunities from automation 
•    Tips on increasing collaboration

Jay Sklar, Chief Procurement & Real Estate Officer, HUB International 

Craig Smith, Sr Director of Procurement, DHI Group

Host: Aashish Chandarana, CIO, Productiv

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11:50 AM
Peer Group Breakouts

Departmental operational challenges, agendas, objectives and more

Join moderated interactive discussion huddles based on the scope of your technology sourcing needs. Align with practitioners who manage the same total technology spend for the wider company, for greater networking, problem-solving and ideas-sharing.

Choose from:

A. Lone Wolves (Single Operators, <$100M in spend)

Scott Carter, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Upstart
Larry Leung, Sr. Process Analyst, LCBO
Paul Nilsen, Director of Procurement, Douglas Elliman Real Estate 
Craig Smith, Sr Director of Procurement, DHI Group

B. Small-Packs (3-5 in Team , $100M - $500M in spend)

Rich Giuliani, Director of Procurement, Indirect and IT, Cedar Fair Entertainment
Jay Sklar, Chief Procurement & Real Estate Officer, HUB International 
Joanna Marks, IT Category Manager, The Co-operators
Lihi Lutan, Co-founder & CEO,

C. Mid-Packs (5-10 in Team, $500M -$1B in spend)

Cheryl Katz, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Synovus
Brian Johnson, Category Manager, IT, ADM
Mark Berlin, VP Global Indirect

D. Large Orgs (10+ in Team, $1B+ in spend)

*Sourcing large transformational programs
*Multi-vendor engagements and integrated sourcing approaches
*Mitigation of transformation risks through sourcing 

Rosanna Yang, Sr. Director, Procurement Technology, Walgreens Boots Alliance
Ricky Tan, Director, Global Procurement, Abbott
John Belden, Chief of Strategy & Research, UpperEdge
Len Riley, Chief Advisory Officer, UpperEdge


12: 30 PM

Lunch break & Expo

Join all the attendees in the Expo area for lunch & networking. Hit the supplier booths to find out how they can support your goals and objectives.   

12:45 - 1:15 PM
Q&A with Michael Pülmanns

Hop into a limited capacity, informal Q&A with our Negotiation Expert Keynote speaker and have the opportunity to dig deep into his experience and invaluable insight.

1:30 PM
Afternoon Programs Begin

Afternoon program splits into two tracks:

"BUY-TECH" PROGRAM The tech you need to enable your procurement organization

Chair: Sheena Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, Spend Matters

ENTERPRISE TECH PROGRAM The Tech stack your company needs you to source for the business

1:30 PM
IT Category Management

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage

IT Category Management, a rapid changing practice

To be discussed: Do the demands of today require a new operating model for tomorrow?  Do we need to rethink the skills and training that our teams need to maximize their potential?  

Nils Brauckmann, Procurement Lead, Personio

Yatzibet Villa, Director Procurement for HW/SW and Telco, Fannie Mae 

Mark Berlin, VP Global Indirect

Host: Danielle Moss, Enterprise Procurement Specialist, Vendr 

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1:30 PM
Enterprise Software
Plenary Session


Enterpise software: State of the Union

Best selling Author, and software sourcing expert Brad Veech, will dive into the current state of Enterprise Software.  Discussing supplier strategies, what you need to know, tips and tricks on how to best position yourself with your software spend.

Brad Veech, Sr. Director of IT Sourcing, Walmart & Author of "Software: The Silent Killer of your Company's Budget"

2:00 PM
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2:05 PM

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage

Future procurement enablement to save $$’s

Hear first-hand on how building an ecosystem for your IT environment enables CPOs to unify siloed data and leverage real-time analytics to monitor productivity, track requests, manage workflows and save money.

Anders Lillevik, Founder & CEO, Focal Point

Focal Point logo

2:05 PM


Vendor negotiations: David versus Goliath

Regardless of the size of your budget, sourcing for tech solutions from the big providers is always a challenge. This session will discuss what tools are available for you when facing difficult odds. Placing procurement at the centre of a business-wide plan to provide cross-functional solutions like ERPs, packs a greater punch and value ROI. Take-away key lessons on who is doing it well and savings opportunities available.

Richard Giuliani, Director of Procurement, Indirect and IT, Cedar Fair Entertainment

Brian Johnson, Category Manager, IT, ADM

Scott Carter, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Upstart

Host: Chris Benners, Director Strategy & Planning, Datamob




2:35 PM

You've got 5 minutes!

2:40-3:40 PM

The 6 most common mistakes in SaaS procurement 

Mistaken assumptions surround software-as-a-service contracts. SaaS is neither a product, like on-premise software, nor a service, like programming or tech support. Yet contract-drafters regularly treat SaaS like one or the other. That leads to contracting errors, wasteful battles in negotiation, and liability. This session will explore the odd business model surrounding SaaS contracts. And it will describe mistakes in contract drafting and negotiation that result from misunderstanding that model. The session’s goal is to arm procurement staff with a deeper understanding of SaaS deals – and with the tools they need to avoid common mistakes.

David Tollen, Founder, Tech Contracts Academy

2:40 PM

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage

Use case on digital transformation

Working On Your Business, not just In It. Using technology to enhance savings, decrease cycle time, load balance work, track Preferred and Diversity Spend. Improving P2P and quantifying the value of your procurement organization. 

Jamie Martino, Managing Director, IT Diversity

2:40 PM


Do more with less: using the current market to your advantage during negotiations

When it comes to negotiating large contracts, what worked a year ago will not work today. Companies are under immense pressure to reduce costs, but with the right data and toolset, you can drive immediate savings through your contract negotiations. Hear directly from procurement leaders who have negotiated 2 billion+ in contracts. Join the session to learn:
•    Best practices on how to approach contract negotiations strategically 
•    How to leverage technology and data to expand your influence and get more consistent results
•    How to capitalize on current trends to negotiate smarter
•    How to become a sourcing superhero without ever putting on a cape

Michael Shields, Head of Procurement Strategy, Tropic 

Brad Veech, Sr. Director of IT Sourcing, Walmart

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3:10 PM

You've got 5 minutes!

3:15 PM

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage

Introducing Standard Agreements: an express lane through the legal queue?   

Standard Agreements are a brand new model of contracting under which customers and providers agree to start from a neutral, best-practice template rather than battling over whose form to use. 

Standard Agreements are drafted by a cross-industry Committee of law firm and in-house lawyers and procurement professionals and released for free under an open source license.  

Using a Cover Page, the customer and provider implement the Standard Agreement to meet their particular needs without redlines or endless back and forth negotiations. Users report more focused, less acrimonious deals that get done incredibly fast. 

Bring your questions for an interactive session with Todd about how to use Standard Agreements to unclog your enterprise IT legal queue. Sceptics welcome! 

Todd Smithline, CEO, Bonterms


3:15 PM


ROI based procurement decisions for ERP

The days of the ERP dot-release upgrade are over. The next generation of enterprise software landscapes will be expensive, disruptive, and transformational. But how much of your current ERP suite do you keep, replace, or upgrade? Vendors are pushing SaaS cloud, but is that the right path? It depends on the ROI. 

Join the session to learn: 
•            What your peers are doing in future state ERP road-mapping
•            How to make ROI-based decisions for your cloud journey 
•            The financial pro's and cons of monolithic programs such as SAP RISE

Eric Helmer, CTO, Rimini Street


3:45 PM

Grab a coffee and hit the Expo 

4:10 PM

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage

Building a Best-In-Class supplier management performance program

Examining best practices for an optimal supplier management program; how to scale, innovate, influence and develop - your crash course in building a supplier management capability program!

Sanjay Chadha, Head of Procurement – IT Services, IHG

Aashish Patel, Global Technology Procurement Director, Grant Thornton International

Host: Trace Lewis, Lead, Procurement & Vendor Management Specialist, Transamerica

4:10 PM


How to be better partners 

This discussion will explore issues integral to procurement’s interaction with key stakeholders within the business. How can procurement do their job better to be better partners? A greater understanding of technology and greater understanding of business requirements, enables procurement to be more impactful, more influential, build trust. Procurement can take the lead and bring everyone together for a cross-functional focus on value ROI. How is this happening in some businesses? How can procurement embed a supportive and adversarial relationship with IT and Finance?

Cory Wheeler, Co-founder & Chief Customer Success Officer, Zylo 

Benjamin Front, (Principal Category Manager) Technology Sourcing & Partnerships leader, Alliant Credit Union

Michele Thompson, Global Sourcing & Procurement Leader, Senior Director, IT Procurement, Resolvit 

Host:  Lisa Nicholas, Principal, Cloud & SaaS - Global Procurement, TransUnion  


4:40 PM

Breakouts run concurrently. Choose one of the following topics and join a moderator-led, interactive discussion:

1. Telecommunications: From 5G to VaaS, Remote Corporations, Data Networking and more

Jamie Martino, Managing Director, IT Diversity

Sanyam Khurana, Director of Global IT Procurement, McCain Foods

Matt Anders, SVP Technology Sourcing, Citi

2. Hardware: Desktops to Data Centers, Edge Computing. Buying New versus Grey Market gear

Cheryl Katz, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Synovus 

Mark Elgersma, Director of Strategic Sourcing, Target

Host: Kevin Mars, Account Director, Extreme Networks


3. Software: Licensing renewals, audits & compliance. Supplier feedback and sentiment

Alan Poulin, Manager, Procurement & Third Party Management, Transamerica

Trace Lewis, Lead, Procurement & Vendor Management Specialist, Transamerica

Mike Rossi, Director, Procurement, HUB International 

Mor Cohen-Tal, Co-founder & CTO,


4. Cloud Services: Lowering Cloud costs, hybrid environments, and multi-provider scenarios

Benjamin Front, (Principal Category Manager) Technology Sourcing & Partnerships leader, Alliant Credit Union

Jeffrey Wellman, Sr. Director, Strategic Sourcing, Reyes Holdings 

Host: Isaiah Weiner, Head of Cloud Strategy and Architecture, DATAMOB


5. Data: making sense of your corporate data needs. What you know, don't know, and need to know!

Host: Mark Shirman CEO, BizAnalytica


6. Professional Services: some of the largest tech contracts are Professional Services.  Speak with other practitioners about how to manage and control

Rosanna Yang, Sr Director, Procurement Technology, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Sanjay Chadha, Head of Procurement – IT Services, IHG

Ricky Tan, Director, Global Procurement, Abbott 

Host: Paula Varner, Sr Director, Indirect Procurement, Thermo Fisher Scientific

5:20 PM
close of day one

Chair's summation of key learnings and take-aways from the day.


5:30 PM
DRINKS & quiz in the expo

Join your peers for informal drinks and digest the best content of the day! PLUS! Test your knowledge at our Procurement Quiz!


Tuesday, May 2

Keynotes, Panels, Track 1 & Track 2 Programming

7:00 AM
skills accelerator

De-risking your contract

This session will help the procurement professional find and fix hidden risks in their contracts at all stages of the contract life cycle. Learn from an expert with 30 years of experience negotiating complex contracts.  By attending this program, you will be better prepared to:

  • Identify risks hidden in scopes of work or standard contract terms
  • Preserve terms and conditions that mitigate and control risk during negotiations, and
  • Use the contract to mitigate losses if a risk event occurs

This session is designed for those who draft, negotiate and manage contracts. Bring a risk scenario to talk through and gain first-hand insight into developing your contract.

Jeanette Nyden, Contracts Expert & Author, J. Nyden & Co.

7:30 AM
welcome coffee

Join your peers for a coffee and a chat prior to Day 2 kick-off!

8:25 AM
Welcome to day 2

Welcome to FORGE: Technology Sourcing Day 2!

Recap of Day 1 and what's coming on Day 2.

8:30 AM
Plenary Session

Current state of economic health / Future of technology & where is the industry going?

An in-depth look at of the current state of local and global economic environments and how tech is changing. Recession concerns, what this means for your business, and the technologies you buy and use to perform at your best.

Jason Busch, Founder & CEO, Spend Matters 

9:00 AM
CORPorate IT & finance INSIGHTS
Plenary Fire-Side Chat

Inside the mind of the CTO/Tech Leadership

A dive into what C-suite think of Corporate Procurement, what they need your support with, and how you can build long-term successful partnerships with the technology leadership of your company.

Jeff Miller, VP, Head of Enterprise Technology, Sumitovant Biopharma 

Eric Helmer, CTO, Rimini Street

Manish Khadiya, Head of IT Strategy and Architecture, DIRECTV



Digging in: what CFO's need from procurement 

A candid discussion with corporate finance leadership about what is on the top of the agenda for 2023 for the Office of the CFO, and how you can support them through Technology sourcing. Areas covered; Cap-x vs Op-x, Cost of Capital, Interest, Leasing, Taxes, International Currency pressure, and more.

Kristine Miechowicki, VP, US Technology Finance, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Q&A – Hosted by Mike Cadieux, CEO, Procurement Foundry

9:45 AM
take a break
10:15 AM
Plenary Session

Persuasive storytelling

Join a high-level strategy session delivered by Mark Raffan on procurement’s ability to ‘speak’ to the business and get embedded in the narrative.

Mark Raffan, Founder, Negotiations Ninja

10:45 AM
procurement spotlight
Plenary Panel Session

Future procurement and how can we impact the broader business value?

  • Becoming embedded in business strategy, changing the status quo, speaking the business culture language
  • Promoting the procurement voice/influence, the technology, resources and capacities we need to represent the business externally
  • Future procurement enablement negotiation and renewals for the wider business
  • What do we outsource?
  • How do we develop and inspire a team for long term growth and change that works with the plans of the business? 

Mike Morsch, VP Global Procurement & Supply Chain, CDK Global

Sven Lackinger, Co-founder, Sastrify 

Freya Hurwitz, Director of Procurement, Tripadvisor

Host: Jim Boldrey, President, AltaLINK Group 


11:15 PM
Informal roundtable discussions

Huddles run concurrently. Choose to join one moderator led interactive discussion on one of the following topics:  

  1. Best practices in collaborating virtually as a team – Grace Tan, Sr Director - Sourcing & Procurement, Northwestern Mutual 
  2. Engaging with Finance, Mona Aossey, VP of Finance, CFO
  3. Engaging sales professionals, how to make the process better- Adrian Snow, Tech Procurement Manager, Monzo
  4. Agile contract development – Todd Smithline, CEO, Bonterms 
  5. Deep dive into ESG ecosystem and solutions available to meet your objectives – Luke Abbott, Co-founder & CEO, Equipoise 
  6. Buy Local, Ship Global – navigating import compliance and logistics around a centralized global procurement model - Oliver Nouwens, Senior Sales Director (USA) & Juadit Rodrigues,Sales Director - USA and  Europe, Tecex
  7. Rethinking supplier engagement; from reactive to proactive - Rich Giuliani, Director of Procurement, Indirect and IT, Cedar Fair Entertainment
  8. Tail spend activity  - Avis Yates Rivers, CEO & Founder, Technology Concepts International 
  9. Coaching & leadership – how to take your skills to the next level in your career – Andrea Veech, Founder, Leadership Beach 
  10. AI - the questions you should be asking  


Technology Concepts



12:00 PM

Lunch break & Expo 

Join all the attendees in the supplier Expo for lunch & networking. This is your last chance to make those vital connections and follow-ups with the conference sponsors.

1:00 PM

Afternoon program splits into two tracks:

"BUY-TECH" PROGRAM What you need to operate your Procurement Organizations most effectively

Chair: Larry Leung, Procurement Foundry 

ENTERPRISE TECH PROGRAM The Tech stack your company needs you to source for them

Chair: Loren Williams, Account Executive, PCs for People

1:00 PM
Procurement tech stack

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage

Procurement Tech Stack

5 best-of-breed tech considerations for procurement

The looming threat of disruption and lessons from the past few years have put resilience at the top of the agenda for most organizations. Now, more attention than ever is being placed on how digital procurement solutions can be used to boost agility.

But as digital transformation accelerates and procurement teams look beyond their established P2P or S2P suites to address particular pain points, this should not be done in a haphazard way. To be successful, organisations need an agreed plan as to how new software is identified, selected and implemented. Join us as we discuss the 5 best-of-breed tech considerations for Procurement and the most effective ways to future-proof your approach.

Host: Paul Martyn, Head of Product Marketing, HICX

Sanyam Khurana, Director of Global IT Procurement, McCain Foods

Syed Naqvi, Sr. Manager, Procurement Data/Digital Transformation, Mars

Hicx-logo-positive@2x (1)


1:00 PM


How to utilize market intelligence to save 15-30% on indirect technology

In 2023 cost reduction is key. Finding ways to improve EBITDA through cost savings is at the forefront of many conversations, but unfortunately, this becomes increasingly difficult with limited resources, expertise, data, and time. This session will address the low-hanging fruit that every company can take advantage of to create savings for their organization, regardless of the industry or geographic location. Eric Cunningham will address how having access to relevant data, and industry-leading “Market Intelligence" is accelerating optimal outcomes in some of the largest spend categories on the balance sheet, indirect technology, and contingent workforce.

Eric Cunningham, Founder & CEO, Green Cabbage

Green Cabbag (2)


1:30 PM

5 minutes, hurry back!

1:35 PM

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage 

Optimizing procurement: leveraging No-Code Platforms and empowering system ownership

Tired of wrestling with complex procurement tech that frustrates your stakeholders and leaves your team feeling overwhelmed? 

That status quo is dead: forward-thinking procurement leaders are streamlining workflows and improving collaboration on their own, all while making serious strides in efficiency and cost savings.

The key to this shift is no-code platforms. By enabling user-side configuration and update of workflows and integrations, modern procurement platforms are letting even non-technical team members own post-deployment maintenance, allowing them to rapidly adjust requirements and dynamically respond to their stakeholders’ needs.

Don’t let your legacy procurement tech baggage hold you back. Join Ross Sharp for a modern guide to leveraging no-code platforms in your procurement process from intake to pay. Come learn how to empower your team and redfine how your business relates to technology.

Ross Sharp, Lead Solution Engineer, ZIP



1:35 PM


Find the right-fit digital solutions to accelerate your Sustainable Procurement journey

Confidently navigate the sustainable procurement technology ecosystem to find solutions that increase the impact of your SD&I and ESG programs! Gain insights into the types of tech, their use cases, and best practices for selecting the right-fit solutions based on your organization's sustainable procurement maturity.

Luke Abbott, Co-founder, Equipoise

Avis Yates Rivers, CEO/Founder at Technology Concepts Group International

Germaine Reece, Manager, Business Diversity – Central, CDW

Host: Seb Butt, Head of Global Business Development & GM,



2:05 PM
You've got 15 minutes!
2:25 PM

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage

Augmented Intelligence: solving the data problem

Despite over 90% of organizations citing data decision making as a focus in 2023, only 31% have organized, accessible data. There is a big data problem as it pertains to contracts today. Data is trapped in complex documents and siloed systems. Our session will dive into the ripple effect this data problem causes, and how we’re looking to solve it at Terzo.

Brandon Card, CEO, Terzo

Terzo Lockup Dark - Purple


2:25 PM


Global technology strategic sourcing

How well is technology understood to source it on a strategic level within your business? Do we have a big enough understanding of our infrastructure to purchase appropriately? Join the panel to gain insights into how peers have developed into true global strategic sourcing operations. Also to be discussed: technology sourcing even in 1 major global region can cause the best organizations to lose sleep at night. In this session, we will get insights into how technology-sourcing organizations operate successfully on a global scale.

Chris Talbot, SVP Technology Sourcing, Impendi Analytics

Matt Anders, SVP Technology Sourcing, Citi

Lisa Nicholas, Principal, Cloud & SaaS - Global Procurement, TransUnion

Christy Bonk, Director of Technology, Walgreens Boots Alliance


2:55 PM
3:00 PM
Plenary Session

"BUY-TECH" - Main Stage 

How to foster resilience and growth in your procurement team

In this session you will learn proven and creative ways to foster resilience and growth for your procurement team. Topics include:
•    How to prepare your team to adapt for the next wave in your industry
•    How to support your team through change management
•    Creating a positive long-term team vision that drives participation
•    Developing learning and development environment to build both individual and team competencies
•    Show by example: your role as a Resilient Leader

Derinda Gaumond, VP Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, Achieve

3:00 PM
software negotiation


SaaS negotiations – tips & takeaways

The demand for SaaS products continues to grow, putting pressure on already crazy busy technology sourcing professionals.  At the same time, SaaS sales processes become more complex and challenging. Join this session for negotiation tips and strategies to apply to your 2023 SaaS acquisition journeys.

CJ Anderson-Johnson, Indirect Team Leader, Sr Sourcing Manager, Sleep Number 

3:30 PM
Event Close
Thanks for coming!

Close of FORGE: Technology Sourcing & Prize Draw 

Reassemble in Great Lakes for a wrap up of Tech Sourcing from Mike Cadieux 


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